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About Us



What is unique
about Giardino Bed Linen?


Literally everything! Giardino offers the finest selection of Egyptian, American and Turkish cotton luxury bed linen. Located in the most iconic place of Cote d’Azur in Monte-Carlo and being inspired by the most beautiful places in the world, Giardino designers create exclusive limited edition designs.

The decorate their collections with exquisite embroidery and lace. Giardino produce unique collections created from delicately soft but durable fabric. Discover true comfort and a sense of peace as your body is wrapped in Giardino luxurious cotton.


Enter the world of regal luxury with their intricate designs. Giardino was created not only for comfort but for delight. Giardino’s bespoke collections are designed for those who appreciate the finest quality and dedicated to provide clients with a unique experience in style and luxury. Giardino has created fabulous collections of premium linen through complete dedication, attention to details and a keen understanding of comfort and beauty.

The brand captures the essence of the Cote d’Azur and brings it into your home.
Wrap yourself in world of style and beauty.


Good night and sweet dreams.

Designed in Monte-Carlo, Monaco