premium turkish bed linen set ‘Butterfly’
Bed Linen Set "Butterfly"
Bed Linen Set "Butterfly"

Bed Linen Set "Butterfly"

"Butterfly" Bed Linen Set by Giardino:

Giardino's "Butterfly" Bed Linen Set will transport you to a world of enchanted fantasy. Like the soft flutter of a butterfly's wings, distant dreams are woven into the very threads of our bed sheets.

The Butterfly Elegance

Each butterfly represents not just the beauty of nature but also the intangible messages of those who care about us. We make it our goal to capture the essence of each design we create, to make something as captivating as a painting on silk. Each of the luxury linens in this collection is more than just that; it's a celebration of individuality, ease, and the transcendental splendor of nature.

Guardians of Your Dreams 

Let our butterflies keep watch over you while you sleep, providing a night of restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Their tender protection for you is reflected in the thoughtful design of each piece of bedding in this collection.

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Giardino's Pledge

Select pieces from Giardino's "Butterfly" collection to immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty, comfort, and opulence.

About this product


  • Composition: 100% Cotton Sateen
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Product category: Bed Linen Set

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