Turkish linen pillowcase set of 2 ‘Christmas toys’
Pillowcases "Christmas Toys"
Pillowcases "Christmas Toys"
Pillowcases "Christmas Toys"
Pillowcases "Christmas Toys"

Pillowcases "Christmas Toys"

"Christmas Toys" Pillowcases by Giardino

Giardino's "Christmas Toys" pillowcases will get you in the holiday spirit. Beautiful stitching in silver and gold lurex shines brightly on luxurious cotton sateen. Drift off to sleep each night with Christmases past, present, and future filling your dreams.

Embroidery Beyond Dreams

Beautifully executed, the "Christmas Toys" pattern evokes warm feelings of nostalgia. With its shimmering viscose and lurex threads, this sweater will make every night feel like Christmas Eve.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

  • Material: Woven from 100% cotton sateen, promising a soft touch that gleams under festive lights.
  • Thread Count: With a luxurious 300 thread count, experience a seamless blend of comfort and durability.
  • Embroidery: Artistic patterns brought to life with 100% viscose and lurex, embodying the magic of the season.
  • Linen Origin: Exclusively sourced from the finest Turkish linens, a mark of world-class quality.
  • Function & Beauty: Each duvet is elegantly completed with a button closure, merging function with form. And with machine wash capabilities, it's luxury made practical.

Sizes Tailored to Your Festive Needs


Giardino's Promise of Festive Splendor

Our "Christmas Toys" collection encapsulates the warmth, joy, and magic of the holiday season, offering 100% luxury with every night's rest.

About this product


  • Made from: Cotton Sateen
  • Thread Count: 300
  • Embroidery: 100% Viscose and Lurex
  • Linen Origin: Turkish Linen
  • Finish: Duvet with Button Closure
  • Care: Machine Washable
  • Product category: Pillowcases

Delivery & Returns

We hope you’ll be delighted with your purchases. Everything is delivered to you pre-washed and carefully packaged. Should you wish to return your table linen, please do so within 14 days. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on bed linen. Please refer to our Delivery and Returns page for more information.